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Your front and garage doors were carefully chosen, that is why Bourassa Doors recommends a basic maintenance be done on a regular basis on your doors as well as a complete maintenance after several years.

Taking care of your doors easily

So that your doors remain impeccable, Bourassa Doors recommends that a basic maintenance be done regularly. To this end, we have provided you with the Homeowner’s Guidebook. Inside this guidebook, you will find the steps on how to easily maintain your front and garage wooden doors as well as some additional information. In particular on the importance of your home having controled moisture levels.

Homeowner’s Guidebook entrance doors
Homeowner’s Guidebook garage doors

Wooden front door

Maintaining your doors, a wise decision

Unfortunately your front and garage wooden doors can’t escape our rigorous seasons. Over the years, exposure to UV rays, rain, wind and snow can sometimes cause premature wear of your doors. That is why Bourassa Doors recommends that, generally between 3 to 5 years, a complete maintenance should be done on your doors.

As a result, we have a vast network of certified technicians we can suggest. They only use authorized products and methods to maintain your front and garage doors.

In order to get more information on how to maintain your doors or to get the contact information of a certified technician in your area, we invite you to communicate with us.

For further information on our maintenance programs, or for any question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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