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BOURASSA DOORS, founded in 1988, is specialized in conceiving, fabricating and installing the finest quality wooden front and garage doors. We offer a complete range of services from customized designs of the doors (3D drawings and photo-renderings),all the accessories such as door handles, weather strips, granite threshold and any moldings or wooden facings necessary to enhance the appearance of any home. The only limit will be your imagination.

Over the last few years Bourassa Doors has grown as a family business, with the additions of Sébastien, Jonathan and Mathieu, the owner’s sons, to the business. Bringing with them new ideas and strength that permits us to keep evolving.  It’s ourpassion for the craft, passed down from father to son that has help us climbed to the industry’s highest ranking in North America.

head office

The construction of our new factory, at the intersection of highways 640 and 25 in Terrebonne, has drawn incredible visibility, all passers-by now have full view of our company. In our grand showroom, you will be able to see what we have to offer, thewood species, the granite thresholds, the handles, the decorative glass, wrought iron inlays, without forgetting some examples of wood engravings that are possible. All this to help inspire you in finding the perfect door that will bring value to yourhome, and make your house stand out. Always keeping our main mission in mind, which is to offer an outstanding customer service, we strive to continue our work to increase the quality of our products as well as to pursue innovation.

Bourassa Doors Factory
This is why, we have developed an exclusive technology called MAESTRA™, which regroups an anti-warping, anti-cracking, anti-air infiltration and anti-peeling concept.MAESTRA™ also includes our Stay Straight™ and our unique Energy Star-certified insulation system (patent pending).

Over the past 30 years, we have observed how wood grows, twists and turns. We watched how it reacts to different treatments, even before being transformed. We have listened as it has contracted, expanded and breathed. We have learned to understand it.We have been attentive to its growth. And to give it the shape of your dreams, we have innovated.